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Cleaning Service
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Servicing Tucson, Oro Valley, Catalina,
 Saddlebrooke and Marana, AZ.

What to Expect

Step 1:  Lower the Pool's Water Level

Before we begin the pool tile cleaning process, we will
the water level in your swimming pool. We only
lower the water 
level by about 6 inches so the calcium
line is fully expose
d and we have clear access to the
residue on your pool tiles. The water 
is drained by using
an industrial water pump that will lead to a 
wash, drain,
or to the nearest street. We will NOT charge you 
if you wish to have your pool drained further then 6
Please just let us know in advance so we can
allot for the time needed.

Step II:  Cleaning Process

The cleaning process we use consists of pressurized water, a
patented nozzle and Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) to
remove the calcium and hard water deposits.
The abrasive is aggressive enough to remove the toughest deposits, but gentle
enough to not damage the grout or scratch/etch the tile glaze.
It is ph neutral, so it doesn't change the water chemistry and
is totally safe for plants, pets and people.

Step III:   Clean Up

Your pool will be vacuumed using our own pump and filter
which will remove any media from the bottom of the pool so
it will remain clear of your filtration system.  

This leaves no mess for you to clean up.

Step IV:   Protective Coating

Once we are finished cleaning the surface, we will wipe down the
tile surface by hand to remove any additional residue that might 
still be on the tiles.  At this time, you will be able to see how the
pool tile cleaning process has completely freed your pool tiles of
any stains and/or residue. After the residue has been removed 
and the tile has dried we apply a wax-sealant to protect the tile from
further water damage. The pool tile surface will be clean and

The entire pool tile cleaning process normally takes about 4-5 hours 
for a regular sized swimming pool (80-90 linear ft.).  Excessive buildup, waterfalls with additional tile facing and natural rock features may require additional time.

Our process is totally environmentally friendly.


Licensed, Bonded and Insured in the State of Arizona
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